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17,261 emergency signals served since August 7, 2010

Do you care about your loved ones, and want to know WHEN they need help, and WHERE they are until they could get that help?

Do you think that you might find yourself in a situation where you needed someone to come and help you while you are on the move?
Now you can send your distress signal to your selected contacts by email, with a link to a live map showing your movement.

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With just one tap, iNeedHELP! will send email to your selected contacts with distress signal with a link to an online live map showing your continuous location from the moment you sent the distress signal, to the time you found the needed help.


iNeedHELP! continuously updates your location on the map as long as the application is running, even if you press "Power" button and lock the device!

Since you may find yourself using it in an emergency situation, it is recommended that you test it first and send your selected contacts a message to become familiar with the application. Take time to explain them what this message means and how they should act in real situation. Actions that your emergency contacts should make upon receiving the email are TOTALLY UP TO YOU.

We recommend you add more than one emergency contact to be safer.

You owe it to yourself, you owe it to your loved ones - show that you care, get iNeedHELP! now!


Watch a review of our product.

Content is in sign language. iNeedHelp is intended for use during crisis. The demonstration shown here is humorous, but could be alarming for some. We do not recommend viewing the clip, unless you are sure you can handle such scenes.